A few words from our Managing Director

KEWPIE MALAYSIA was founded on the 4th of June, 2009 and is the first company under the KEWPIE Group aimed at the global Halal market.

Although a renowned brand in Japan, most Malaysians were initially unfamiliar with KEWPIE and had no idea about our beloved mayonnaise products.

After organising a team of customers, suppliers, and employees, we then implemented our “mutual respect” policy. Our customers purchase our products and trust us. Our suppliers provide raw and packaging materials according to our quality standards. Our employees produce and sell products individually with pride. But most importantly, all team members keep the “customer’s view” in mind. As a result, we’ve been able to extend our network by establishing a strong foundation in this new market.

There are food lovers all around the world, and we believe in sharing the spirit of appreciating good food. We hope to do this by gaining the trust of consumers and contributing to a healthy lifestyle with delicious food.


Tatsuo Kabesu

Managing Director


2010: KEWPIE MAYONNAISE JAPANESE STYLE began sales in Malaysia after receiving its Halal Certification.
2009: KEWPIE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. is established in Malaysia.
2002: Hangzhou KEWPIE Foods Co., Ltd. (Currently called Hangzhou KEWPIE Corporation) is established in China.
1993: Beijing KEWPIE Foods Co., Ltd. (Currently called Beijing KEWPIE Corporation) is established in China.
1987: KEWPIE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is established in Thailand jointly with Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Co., Ltd.
1982: Q&B FOODS, INC. is established in the United States to start the production of Mayonnaise.
1981: The production and sales of KEWPIE Mayonnaise start in Thailand through a technical partnership with Saha Pathana Investment Co., Ltd.
1957: The company name is changed to KEWPIE Corporation after its most popular brand of mayonnaise.
1949: The total shipment of mayonnaise sales is increased from 24 tons the previous year to 58 tons this year.
1925: Sales of KEWPIE Mayonnaise starts. It is sold in 100-gram and 128-gram glass jars and is Japan’s first jarred Mayonnaise.
1919: Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd., forerunner of the present KEWPIE Corporation, is established in Otaki-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo to start the manufacturing and processing of various types of food products.

Our Corporate Principles

  • “Act on moral principles”
  • “Strive for originality and ingenuity”
  • “Look after parent’s

Our Management Philosophy

  • “We contribute to a healthy dietary life with good taste, kindness, and uniqueness.”

Our Aim

  • “We aim to be the most trusted and loved food manufacturing group to all customers.”

    Food for ages 0-100

    Our “0-100” philosophy represents our goal to provide from infants to elders with a variety of food types. This also implies our aim to provide tasty, healthy and safe food for each generation. We strive to create long-term selling products rather than best-sellers by developing a unique business supported by our own technology.

Our Corporate

Job satisfaction should be achieved through the process of working together toward common goals. Once this process is embraced in the work environment, individuals can reduce restrictions and gain confidence.This is essential for the progression of an individual’s ability, as well as the success of the company that can be shared by all.