KEWPIE Innovates with Launch of Four New Sauces

2017, October 01

KEWPIE MALAYSIA launched two new pour-over pasta sauces to the brand’s new line of KEWPIE Pasta Sauce.

The pasta sauces are available in two flavours; Soy Sauce & Garlic Butter Taste and Seafood & Spices. Both sauces are bottled in 200ml formats, with a recommended usage of 100g of pasta for 40ml sauce. The sauces are inspired by current consumers’ trend that are looking for convenient products that able to offer them restaurant-quality meals at home.

Also, look out for another two exciting new sauces; KEWPIE Honey Mustard Sauce and KEWPIE Tartar Sauce. Both sauces are available in 130ml formats.

This launch continues KEWPIE’s aim to be the most trusted and loved food manufacturing group to all customers. KEWPIE Malaysia hopes to serve a new market and to strengthen the brand’s position.


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